13 April 2012


Sahib is an Indian Restaurant in Pointe-Claire at the corner of Hymus and St.Jean. We have been going to this restaurant for years and we have yet to get sick of anything. They recently renovated the restaurant (The months they were closed just about killed me) and I have to say it's a lot nicer than before. There is actually a bar where you can sit, order beer and eat curry. Yum. The owner often makes the rounds to see how everyone is doing and the other employees are all very nice and welcoming.

The prices are a little high but the food is excellent. On weekdays they do a very reasonably priced lunch buffet. I often take the husband to the lunch buffet for his birthday :). They arrange a couple of main dishes, soups, many sides and dessert on one side of the restaurant and for about 13$ a person you can eat until you're about to burst.

We often do take out from them since we like to come home, grab some beer and watch a good movie while enjoying the food. Wednesday was such a day, although the "movie" was the newest episode of GCB :P.

When I order out I tend to stick to the same main dish. Chicken Dhansak. I love this dish. I crave it sometimes. I have tried to make it myself but I can never get it right. It's so creamy and full of lentils. Some days it's very spicy and others not so much, but I don't mind at all. The husband usually orders the Ginger Chicken. I will let him tell you about that as I can't eat it because ginger tastes like soap :P.

Lentil Soup. I could live off of this soup. It is amazing. At the lunch buffet I pretty much just fill up on it. It is so creamy, the spices are not overwhelming, and they don't fully blend the lentils. It is thick but not thick all at the same time.
We order the plain basmati rice. When you order a main meal you have the choice between the rice or naan and most times it is the rice. They often put onions on top and the rice is lightly spiced. I am not a fan of plain rice in general but I will eat their rice plain.
Chicken Dhansak. Creamy, Spicy,Thick, Delicious. Some days they put ginger on top other days they put coriander. I prefer the coriander to the ginger obviously :P. I could tell them to not put ginger on but I honestly don't care, I just pick it out and give it to the husband.

For those who CAN eat ginger, this is a great dish. Hot, savoury, but with a burn that ends when you stop eating it (isn't ginger GREAT?!)

Their butter chicken is also worth a try. It's spicy and very creamy. We also sometimes order the onion bhajia which is pretty much fired onion dough balls. We also order the onion kulcha, naan bread stuffed with onions and spices.

I highly recommend checking this restaurant out if you're ever in the West Island.

Side Note: I will add other pictures and reviews of other dishes they offer as I order them :)


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